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Credit : Rettyclub

How To Play

  • First of all sign up to Rettyclubs.com preferably download the App (Link)
  • Then select the ‘#Wingo‘ option. (Bottom Bar)
  • The game window appears which have 4 options ‘#Parity‘, ‘#Sapre‘, ‘#Bcon‘ and ‘ #Noki‘.
  • You can see a timer ticking. Every 3 minutes there is a new game.
  • Here is what you have to do: Recharge for Rs 100 minimum. Guess which #color is the next. It can be either green or red.
  • The chance for a correct option is 50%. Don’t you think that’s huge? And the reward is just double the amount with which you join the game.
  • The color comes in a pattern. Analyse the pattern properly and play.
  • Here are some patterns which occurs frequently.But beware!
  • Patterns can change anytime when a violet appears. So don’t jump in to conclusions. Think well and play safe. All the best!!
  • If you are lazy enough to introduce fresh capital, then share your invitation in ‘ My ‘ option and #invitefriends and receive commission for every game they play.
  • Expand the chain and earn more!! You can withdraw the amount instantly to your bank account!

Rules of guess

3 minutes 1 issue, 2 minutes and 30 seconds to order, 30 seconds to show the lottery result. It opens all day. The total number of trade is 480 issues.

If you spend 100 rupees to trade, after deducting 2 rupees service fee, your contract amount is 98 rupees:

1. JOIN GREEN: if the result shows 1,3,7,9, you will get (98*2) 196 rupees; If the result shows 5, you will get (98*1.5) 147rupees.

2. JOIN RED: if the result shows 2,4,6,8, you will get (98*2) 196 rupees; If the result shows 0, you will get (98*1.5) 147 rupees.

3. JOIN VIOLET: if the result shows 0 or 5, you will get (98*4.5) 441 rupees.

4. SELECT NUMBER: if the result is the same as the number you selected, you will get (98*9) 882 rupees

Below are some video links :

1. Hindi Version (LINK)

2. English Version (LINK)

JOIN through [LINK] and get exciting offers



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